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Do you remember when you would read a book as a kid… You probably just looked at the pictures, right? Or, have you ever absolutely had to cram for a test that you absolutely haven’t studied for… You probably skim the pictures and read the captions and highlighted texts, right?

Twitter is like the book of life. The information is input by life’s participants and with the ability to add hypertext links and images Twitter is essentially user created captions to the book of life.

Our world is full of knowledge. You can gather information from the internet on anything from a Winston Churchill speech to how to create smokey eyes using just eyeshadow and coverup. It is important for the savvy internet user to distill this voluminous decanter of information into a much smaller vile of actually useful information. I believe that Twitter is the best way to optimize your information gathering. Do to the character limits on Twitter, conciseness is paramount to effectively communicate. This forced brevity creates quick-reading information that is delivered from the sources in which the information gatherer is interested.

Being able to follow particular corporations or individuals actually creates communities within the Twitter community itself. This can create further dispersion of information. If a Twitter entity like @Reuters works with a journalist who, along with covering the Middle-East, has a strong interest in old school sneakers and @Reuters retweets this journalist’s tweet then by scanning the entities that this journalist follows a person could find different communities on Twitter that they were not even previously aware of. This can open previously unimagined worlds to a Twitter user.

In this world that we live in we are becoming more interested in the immediate. We are prisoners of the moment. Twitter can create problems for the less diligent. If you are easily distracted all of these communities on Twitter can create deep holes of time wasting useless information. But, if you are smart and use it well, there is no better place to quickly gather a broad spectrum of opinions and information.

So, check out Twitter and use it well because this book might help you pass life’s ultimate tests.